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Funny Garbage Collaboration with Stuyvesant High School Robotics Team: StuyPulse 694

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Funny Garbage Collaboration with Stuyvesant High School Robotics Team: StuyPulse 694

– by Doris Tsang

Have you ever dreamt of building your own robot to take over the world? Well, maybe not the latter part, but with present day technology, even common high schoolers can construct robots with their teammates. And guess what? Amidst of all the fun projects we do, Funny Garbage has also been active in making virtual robots with the animation division at StuyPulse Robotics for several years now.

                                                                      Testing the Robot                                                                                  © Photo by Derek Berg


On Stuyvesant High School's Robotics Team, the animation division specializes in creating 3D models and videos to demonstrate each year's robot design, to advocate safety, or to showcase new technologies the team uses. When the animators are away from school, we share our resources at Funny Garbage office and mentor them as they work with Autodesk 3ds Max and Combustion. Through this collaboration, the team's animation video received the recognition of top 25 out of all videos submitted internationally at FIRST Robotics competition in 2012.

                                                             Colin mentoring the animation team                                                                   © Photo by Derek Berg

Beyond mentoring the team, Funny Garbage occasionally donates Autodesk and Adobe software, which enables the marketers and the animators to continue promoting engineering and technology through social network. FG also provides summer internship opportunities in design, animation, and marketing each year for students eager to learn more. Many were inspired to further explore these fields in college.

                                                                       Robot in Progress                                                                                      © Photo by Derek Berg

It is quite satisfying to see how students gain skills and grow from the experience. We hope that we can continue to inspire the younger generation to achieve success through our programs.