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  • FG Launches a New Site for SVA– by Dan Willig

    Funny Garbage and SVA (School of Visual Arts in New York) have teamed up again to launch a completely redesigned and modernized website.

    SVA's prior award winning website, which launched in 2004, was also designed and built by Funny Garbage. It is a testament to the original design that it served as the digital brand for the world-class design school for such a long period of time and continued to receive awards and nominations –most recently nominated in 2011 for a Webby! However, it was time for an update.

  • Design for 100 pixels– by Andy Pratt

    Ever walk into a store and see a book that captures your attention, even from a distance? That’s no accident. Publishers make a concerted effort to design covers that get noticed from afar, specifically six feet away. With so many books in your average bookstore, it’s a real battle for each one to get noticed. Designing books that are visually arresting from six feet away is an important guideline for the industry. It helps to ensure that each book has a chance of capturing your attention, even in a store containing thousands of them.

  • 3D Printing... The Next BIG Thing?– by Fred Kahl

    Thanks to the promise of DIYers, 3D printing is fast taking off as the next big thing. While expensive 3D printers can print in many materials and have been available for years, these new affordable extrusion machines print in plastic by building up layer after layer of material until a whole object is made. Think of it like a machine that draws with a hot glue gun. The machine moves on the X and Y axis to make a flat 2D drawing, then it moves up (the Z axis) and makes another drawing on top of the first, moves up, makes another drawing, etc. Over many, many layers, a full object is printed out. The ramifications are amazing- someday every home will have its own tiny factory!

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