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Cartoon Network Mobile & Tablet App

Project Description: 

Watch Cartoons & Play Games with Cartoon Network Mobile App

When Cartoon Network wanted to collaborate on a new approach for their mobile app, they selected Funny Garbage to join them in creating a revolutionary interface.

The clear approach was to provide the two most popular forms of content for the audience: games and video. The challenge was to make the experience exciting and innovative. The revolutionary solution was to empower kids to watch videos and play games at the SAME TIME while leveraging device orientation to navigate through the content. The result: CN 2.0!

The app is jam packed and showcases an assortment of content and features that will grow over time with frequent and ongoing updates, including:

  •   40 shows, each with an assortment of clips and most with full episodes
  •   4 unique show branded games
  •   A meta game with 95 earnable game pieces
  •   152 collectable cards

The app is also part of TV Everywhere, a framework providing TV subscribers with their favorite shows, on demand, on a wide variety of devices at no extra charge.

The Funny Garbage team created a user interface for the iPad app that allows kids to simultaneously browse and interact/play with games and video in the horizontal position OR to rotate it 90° one way for full screen video and 90° the other way for full screen gaming. On the smaller iPod Touch and iPhone screens, kids hold the device horizontally to watch Cartoon Network shows and clips. If the child wishes to play a game they simply rotate the device 180° to enter the app's play mode. This allows for the kid to choose how they want to Watch & Play. 

Partnering with Cartoon Network, Funny Garbage also devised a gamification strategy to incentivize frequent viewing of video inside the app. The system is founded on the principles of collecting and set completion, rewarding kids with visual elements based on their activity within the app. These elements can be combined in the app’s create mode to form collectible cards, each combination of elements resulting in a different card. 

Additionally, Funny Garbage created the initial set of show branded games and will continue to create additional games that will roll out with future app updates.

The opening screen of the Cartoon Network App
When the the iPad is held vertically, videos can be watched and games can be played simultaneously.
Display a featured episode of Regular Show in the Watch mode
When the iPad is turned counter clockwise, it becomes a portable TV allowing users to watch their favorite CN shows.
Title screen for Escape Velocity Game in play mode
When the iPad is turned clockwise, it becomes a hand held gaming device for which we created custom games.
DNA lab
Users earn DNA by watching videos and energy by playing games. Mixed in combinations they create collector cards.
Collector card page viewing a users acquisitions
Users can check out all the cool cards they have earned, as well as see how many cards are left to complete each set.
Showing the app. on an iPhone for watching and playing
The app was also designed to work on iPhone and iPod touch.
Watch Cartoon Network's promotional video for the CN 2.0 app.
  • Apple Store
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible