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James Turrell Skyspace UT Austin

James Turrell Skyspace Website Title screen
James Turrell Skyspace Website Title screen

Project Description: 

Responsive HTML5 Reservation Site

Funny Garbage developed a fully responsive HTML5 website for the Landmarks Public Art Program for The University of Texas at Austin, featuring their latest commission, a Skyspace created by renowned artist James Turrell. Located at the University Student Center roof garden, the Skyspace serves as both a monumental contemporary artwork and as a public space for contemplation and meditation. The challenge was to create an appealing, clear, and accessible site, worthy of James Turrell and his ethereal artwork, while fulfilling the communication requirements of the curators of the space and the university.

Responsive design was the clear choice for a site catering primarily to a student population on mobile devices, that also needed to work beautifully as a desktop experience. Becuase the website is often student and visitors first introduction to the art of James Turrell, it is designed to inspire and educate, while serving the pratical needs of scheduling the viewing of the art itself. 

The function of the reservation system is to clearly define two distinct viewing options: the first, throughout the day, when the work is a naked eye observatory; and the second, at sunset, when it transforms into a spectacular light show featuring a dynamic LED color wash specifically sequenced to coordinate with the sun as it travels across the sky throughout the year. This complicated reservation system accommodates not only the ever change timing of the suns trajectory, but the rhythms of a typical University Student Center with building hours changing throughout the semesters. 

James Turrell Skyspace Website in Tablet View
This fully responsive HTML5 Website features both an exploration of the artist and artwork in addition to offering a reservation system to view the artwork.
James Turrell Skyspace Website in Mobile View
The site works equally well on a phone, tablet, and desktop.
James Turrell Skyspace Website Title screen
The site experience begins with a beautiful image of the light sequence created by James Turrell.
James Turrell Skyspace Website Slide Show
Photos of the Skyspace and the lightshow give the user a taste of what they can look forward to when they see the artwork in person.
James Turrell Skyspace Website Sunset Light Sequence Reservations
The reservation is synched to the timing of the sunset as it changes throughout the year. Each sunset experience ranges from 45 minutes to over an hour depending on where the sun is in the sky.
James Turrell Skyspace Website the Skyspace Reservations
The space is also open for reservations during the day. There is no light sequence at these times, but the space is also open for viewing when the Student Activity Center is open.
  • Responsive Design
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible