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Noggin Website

Project Description: 

Nickelodeon is Not Kidding Around With This Super Popular Website

This old man, he played three. He had his site built by FG...?

Continually composing captivating design and interactivity for children of all ages, Funny Garbage partnered with children's cable network Noggin in the Spring of 2003 to revamp their online presence to coincide with an on-air re-branding campaign. quickly became THE online destination for surfers aged six and younger.?

For an audience composed of the web's youngest explorers, FG created a non-textual, visual navigation system along with interactive Flash animation activities on the homepage. This integration of sound and movement into every aspect of the site provides aural and visual cues and feedback for pre-schoolers.?

The site’s activities are varied and purposeful, with the goal of providing young children a sense of empowerment, achievement and development in a nurturing and vibrant environment. Funny Garbage continues to work with Noggin to keep the site's content fresh and visitors' experiences rewarding.

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