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Sesame & PBS Kids Transmedia Gaming

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Project Description: 

Cookie Quest HTML5 Game Series

“Cookie Quest,” an HTML5 game, is part of "Crumby Pictures Presents," a trans-media promotional stunt for Sesame Workshop on PBS. There are three versions of the game, each including a meta-adventure game and a series of mini-game modules that use inventory items gathered in the adventure sequences. This re-playable game uses Executive Function curriculum and culminates with the player finding the treasure! The games are optimized for browsers on both desktop computers and iOS/Android tablets.

Cookie Quest Title Screen
Cookie Quest Clue Screen
Cookie Quest Game Screen
The Hungry Games Title Screen
The Hungry Games Game Screen
The Hungry Games Ending Screen
The Lord of the Crumbs Title Screen
The Lord of the Crumbs Game Screen
The Lord of the Crumbs Ending Screen
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible